Action Alert: Transparency and Accountability on Tax Preferences SB 5513

SB 5513 creating Transparency and Accountability in the awarding of tax preferences has passed the Senate. Now it goes to the House where it most likely will pass. However, to get to the floor, it must pass the House Finance committee.

Please encourage the members of the House Finance committee to pass the bill UNCHANGED from the Senate version which passed with bipartisan support after careful deliberation. This is a rare opportunity--Transparency and Accountability are cornerstones to a democracy. This important vote will occur this Thursday, February 22. 

In addition to sending the email below to your Representative, please contact the members of the House Finance committee urging them to pass the UNCHANGED Senate version of SB 5513. Below is a list of the members of the committee. 

House Finance Committee:



Phone Number

Kristine Lytton, Chair


(360) 786-7800

Noel Frame, Vice Chair


(360) 786-7814

Terry Nealey, Ranking Minority Member


(360) 786-7828

Ed Orcutt, Asst Ranking Minority Member


(360) 786-7990

Cary Condotta


(360) 786-7954

Laurie Dolan


(360) 786-7940

Gerry Pollet


(360) 786-7886

Larry Springer


(360) 786-7822

Drew Stokesbary


(360) 786-7846

J.T. Wilcox


(360) 786-7912

Sharon Wylie


(360) 786-7924

This action is no longer active.

To view the current list of our active campaigns click here


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