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Say NO to Voter Suppression in Florida!

Two elections bills, HB 1355 and SB 2086, are moving rapidly through the Florida legislature. In their current form, the bills represent a return to Jim Crow-style tactics to suppress voter registration and participation in Florida. The League of Women Voters of Florida, along with other voter groups, strongly opposes these efforts to increase regulations and obstacles for voters, Supervisors of Elections and third-party voter registration groups like the League.  

HB 1355 and SB 2086 stand to disenfranchise Florida's mobile citizens, including college students and relocating professionals, by prohibiting address changes at the polls, which have been allowed for 40 years. The bill will also compromise, and likely eliminate, third-party efforts to register voters, as well as vastly increase the number of provisional ballots used -- ballots which are often uncounted due to the amount of time and effort needed to verify each one. When taken as a whole, HB 1355 and SB 2086 unduly burden Supervisors of Elections and third-party voter registration groups and assume that voters are "guilty until proven innocent." Additionally, SB 2086 includes provisions to limit early voting from 14 days to 7 days, making it more difficult for working citizens to cast a ballot.

Sign this petition to urge the Florida legislature and Governor Rick Scott to oppose any attempt to undermine Florida's electoral system by making it harder for citizens to vote!

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