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Top 7 moments in 2017

 Dear Friend,

From the rising tide of state voter suppression laws … to the Pence-Kobach Commission trying to find ways to purge voter rolls … to ongoing partisan gerrymandering schemes … this has been a very difficult year for our democracy.

But if our opponents thought we were going to sit by and watch while they tried to strip away our voting rights … you proved them wrong!

All year long, dedicated League supporters like you have been part of unprecedented grassroots resistance to these and other attacks on our citizen-led democracy. In Congress, the courts, and communities across the country, we have stood up and fought back. And, with your continued support, we will work even harder next year.

Friend, your year-end gift of $25, $50, or even $100 to the League of Women Voters Education Fund today will be MATCHED — up to $50,000 — to support the League’s critical work next year.

To show you the difference your support for our Year-End Matching Gift Campaign can make, I want to share some of our top moments from the past year when you and other League supporters rallied to restore power in our democracy:

  1. Women’s March: In January, thousands of League supporters were among the marchers in Washington, DC, and cities and towns across the country — sending a powerful message that women’s rights are human rights.

  2. National Voter Registration Day: For the 6th year in a row, the League of Women Voters was the largest on-the-ground participant in National Voter Registration Day, registering more than 11,000 voters.

  3. More than 1 million people used the League’s website to find election information and search on nearly 13,000 candidates in over 7,000 races.

  4. Gill v. Whitford: In October, the League rallied outside the Supreme Court as it heard oral arguments in Gill v. Whitford, a landmark case challenging Wisconsin’s congressional redistricting process.

  5. President Trump's so called 'Election Integrity' Commission: The League mobilized thousands to rally against this Commission's voter suppression efforts — from calling on state leaders to oppose the voter data requested by this Commission, to getting over 9,000 signatures on our online petition.

  6. Changing the Rules at the Federal Election Commission: The League collected over 12,000 petition signatures asking the FEC to require online campaign ads to include disclaimers about who is paying for them. The FEC unanimously agreed to move forward with updating the rules so that we know who is paying for online political ads. 

  7. Defending the Affordable Care Act: All year long, the League mobilized our networks to defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ensure those in need of insurance were informed about the ACA’s open enrollment period.

This year, you helped the League of Women Voters prove that we have the resolve, the vision, and the capability to defend our democracy.

But our opponents aren’t about to let up next year, so neither can we!

In the months ahead, we will be ramping up our efforts to protect the integrity of our elections … register hundreds of thousands of voters … and combat any and all efforts to restrict our constitutional right to vote.

To make all of this happen, the League needs you to reach our year-end matching gift goal before midnight on December 31. We are getting close, and time is running out.

Please make a special, tax-deductible gift to the League of Women Voters Education Fund today. Every dollar you give will be DOUBLED, up to $50,000 to help us prepare for the enormous challenges that lie ahead.

With deep gratitude,

Chris Carson

Chris Carson                                                   
President, LWVUS

PS: After midnight on December 31, it will not only be too late to get a tax deduction for 2017, but also to have your gift count toward our year-end matching gift goal. Please stand strong for your democracy — donate now.


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