Thank you for adding your name to the thousands of those asking the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to require that online ads contain disclaimers.
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Here are some talking points to use when submitting your own comment:

**The FEC should require online campaign ads to include disclaimers about who is paying for them — as is required for television and print advertisements.

**Americans have a right to know who is paying for online political ads.

**We need to use every lever at our disposal  to prevent meddling in our elections from happening again, and to ensure that Americans know the source of political messages.

**In the 2016 election, 65 percent of Americans identified the internet, or an online platform, as their leading source of information.

**Our transparency rules are outdated and should be updated to remove references to telegrams and typewriters and updated to include online advertisments.

**78 percent of Americans want full disclosure of who paid for political ads posted to social media platforms. That includes 80 percent of Republicans and 82 percent of Independents.