Thank you for your interest in signing our comments the FEC. We've shutdown this page to submit our comments. You can submit your own comment to the FEC using the link below. 
The deadline for submitting your comment is May 25, 2018.
You can also draft your own comment and submit it directly to the FEC via their online portal by clicking here.
Here are some talking points to use when submitting your own comment:

**The FEC should require online campaign ads to include disclaimers about who is paying for them — as is required for television and print advertisements.

**Americans have a right to know who is paying for online political ads.

**The FEC’s Internet Communication Disclaimers rule should be comprehensive and modern.

** Dark money ads and foreign meddling influenced the 2016 election, and without these rules in place, it will happen again in 2018.

** the FEC should make copies of all paid internet political messages, their funding source and target audience, available to the public similar to the libraries kept for television advertising.

**Internet campaign ads should, be required to include either a full disclaimer or, if size or format makes a full disclaimer impractical, then an adapted disclaimer such as “Paid for by…” with a link to a full disclaimer in one step.