Voter Registration Deadlines are Coming - Make Sure Your Friends and Family are Ready to Vote

Many states have important elections this year, and voter registration deadlines take place in many states as early as next week! Help make sure eligible citizens across the country find out if they have elections in their area, and if so that they are registered and prepared to vote on Election Day. Take a moment today to ask your friends and family if their voter registration is up to date or if they need to register for the first time.

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Last Chance to Register to Vote

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This Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, millions of voters will head to the polls and stand up for what matters most to our communities and our lives. These elections are about our jobs, our health, our communities and our future. They are about us. We all need to weigh in.

Many states have important elections this year, and deadlines for receiving completed voter registration forms take place as early as next week! Make sure you are registered and ready to vote in November

Go to to find the voter registration deadline for your state [[]=62] and use the online voter registration tool [] to start the process of registering!

Make sure you have printed, signed and dated your completed voter registration form. Then, stamp it and put it in the mail to be sent to the state official’s address that was pre-filled on your form.

NOTE: If you don’t print out and mail in your form, you are not finished registering to vote.

Thank you for registering to vote and for Making Democracy Work®.

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