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Take Action: ERA Fight Comes to the 117th Congress

LWVUS has supported and pushed for ratification of the ERA since it was first passed by Congress in 1972. Leagues across the country have worked to engage lawmakers and organize at the grassroots level to ensure equal rights for all, regardless of sex. On January 27, 2020, Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.
Last February, the U.S. House successfully passed, a bipartisan resolution removing the ratification deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment, but didn't make it through the Senate. As the new 117th Congress starts their work, our fight for the ERA continues. The removal of the ratification deadline of ERA is once more a priority in the new Congress, with both the House and Senate introducing resolutions advocating for it. The House must take the lead and quickly pass this resolution

There is more to do to get this across the finish line. Reach out to your Representative* now and urge them to support legislation to remove the ERA’s ratification deadline.
*For DC residents, we continue working towards full voting representation in the U.S. CongressTo join our fight for D.C. statehood click here!!

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