SALSA STAFF COPY of Take Action: Stop Reckless the Balanced Budget Proposal


Congress is on the brink of voting on a reckless proposal to amend the constitution in favor of a balanced budget. This dangerous proposal is a threat to our democracy and would throw our economy out of balance. 
Moving this legislation forward could force the U.S. into a recession, causing job loss and long-term growth. Cuts to balance the budget will come at the expense of working families and those in need of public assistance programs like Medicaid and Social Security. And it would hurt working families by sabotaging our economy -- and making recessions slump deeper and last longer.
Your voice can make a difference with your Representative. Call or email your Representative today and tell them to vote NO on a Balanced Budget Amendment. 

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Not able to email your Representative? Call them using the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Tell them: A Balanced Budget Amendment is a proposal that our country cannot afford. This proposal is a threat to our democracy that would hurt working families and limit our government's ability to respond in emergencies.