Action Alert! Tell your Senators: Don’t rush the SCOTUS nomination


The American people deserve a Supreme Court confirmation process that builds trust in our democracy and ensures an independent judiciary without compromising any more lives. We deserve a Senate that keeps Americans safe during a pandemic that has already claimed over 200,000 lives. It is up to us to hold our Senators accountable. 

A rushed confirmation process would:  
  • Undermine the American people’s faith in the Supreme Court, the Senate, and our democracy as a whole;
  • Disregard the more than 200,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19, and the millions more who have lost income, health insurance, and are currently struggling to make rent.
  • Violate the precedent set in 2016, when the Senate refused to seat a justice for more than 300 days;
Contact your Senators below and tell them why this confirmation process can’t be rushed, especially while millions of Americans suffer in the pandemic.