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Support the EPA's Proposal to Limit Carbon Pollution


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced a proposal to set the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants. Like the previous proposal to limit carbon pollution from new power plants, this proposal is a game changer that will protect us from the health risks and impacts of climate change.

Join the League and tell the EPA you support their groundbreaking proposal to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants. 

Power plants are responsible for 40 percent of the carbon pollution in the United States—making them the single largest source of carbon pollution in the country. The unlimited dumping of carbon pollution is the chief cause of climate change. Reducing the amount of carbon pollution from power plants is a life-saving measure that will protect our children, our nation and the world from the devastating effects of climate change. 
We have a moral obligation to our children and future generations to address the primary cause of climate change. Currently we limit how much mercury, arsenic, soot and other air pollution power plants can dump into our air, but there are no limits on carbon pollution. We must stand in the way as big polluters continue to drop unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air without penalty or regard for the public health impacts on children, seniors and families.  
Raise your voice! Tell the EPA you support limiting carbon pollution from power plants. 

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