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Take Action: Senate Threatens Climate Change Progress

The progress we have made in the fight against climate change this year with the President’s announcement of a comprehensive carbon control plan is now being threatened in the Senate. Today, S. 1392, an energy efficiency bill, was be brought to the floor, and a  last minute push to add amendments that would undermine that progress is being made. We cannot let these amendments move forward; please take action now. Tell your Senators to reject bad environmental amendments that will put the health and safety of our children and our future at risk.

During floor debate on this legislation, amendments will be offered that turn a blind eye to the devastating impacts of climate change--including proposals to undo President Obama’s plan to cut carbon pollution, approve the Keystone XL pipeline and cut vehicle emissions standards.

Tell your Senators to reject bad environmental amendments that could destroy our climate and harm public health. Tell your Senators to put people before polluters by protecting our environment, fighting climate change and saying no to the Keystone XL Pipeline.


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