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We Must Impeach the President NOW .

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We Must Impeach Donald Trump NOW


       This week we saw President Donald Trump instigate an insurrection against his own government in a last-ditch attempt to maintain power that turned fatal. On Wednesday, January 6th, our country’s capital came under attack by radical insurrectionists intent on disrupting the transition of power. It was a coordinated attack on our democracy. As advocates who fight for a free and fair democracy, we have no choice but to call for the removal of Donald Trump by impeachment and disqualify him from ever holding federal office again.

        We must remove Donald Trump from office in order to protect the integrity of the office of the President. Call your senator at (202)-224-3121 or send your senator a letter and ask them to support impeachment.

Donald Trump breached his oath of office as president the moment he posed a clear and imminent threat to national security, compromising the security of the American public, and taking our democracy to the brink. It is now the duty of the Congress to proceed with the impeachment of Donald J. Trump for acting seditiously in a flagrant violation of his oath. Our Constitution must be maintained and upheld, and that can longer be done under the sitting President.

Make your voice heard: contact your senator and tell them to support impeachment and removal.

Donald Trump’s seditious actions have left us with no choice but to swear in Vice President Mike Pence to fulfill the duration of this presidential term. We must hold the president accountable for his reckless actions that have jeopardized the safety of our elected officials, and led to the loss of human life. 

Yours in the fight,

Virginia Kase

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