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September 26, 2019

InterParliamentary Union Event Participants


It may be a less busy year for national elections, but the fall of 2019 has been anything but quiet for the League of Women Voters. We took part in two highly impactful events on the Hill last week: the D.C. statehood Congressional hearing and the United Nations event on violence against women politicians, co-hosted with the Interparliamentary Union. Our participation in these events, along with the climate strikes around the country, signifies the League’s position as a leader in the most important policy issues of our day.

And on September 24, we took up our role as key on-the-ground partners for National Voter Registration Day, with hundreds of League-managed registration events all across the country. Did your League host an event? Tell us your results!

It’s truly an amazing time to be part of the League of Women Voters! We are growing in strength, in numbers, and in impact. And, we are looking ahead to our second century. Do you know someone who should play a role in shaping that bright future? Could it be you, yourself?

The LWVUS board nominating committee is looking for applicants for the 2020-2022 national board. If you know a League member who is: passionate about our mission, eager to help advance our goals and impact, ready to leverage their skills and experience, and able to envision the League’s future power—please consider recommending them for candidacy to the LWVUS national board. If this sounds like you, please apply today. More information about the role and application process are available online. Applications are due by October 28.

As National Voter Registration Month, September has been a period of extraordinary democratic advancement. Thank you for all your work to make it happen.

In League, 


Making Democracy Work Campaign

People Powered Fair Maps Campaign Tele-Town Hall

Were you one of the more than 350 Leagues who participated in National Voter Registration Day? We need to hear from you! Please report your results here so that we can quantify our organization's overall impact on this important day.

New: Get Out the Vote Best Practices Guide

Direct voter contact is key to increasing voter turnout, especially among young people and first-time voters. LWVEF is happy to provide tools for Leagues working to conduct effective get-out-the-vote campaigns! Download the toolkit.

Reminder: Join VOTE411 in 2020!

It’s hard to believe, but the 2020 Election Cycle is almost here! VOTE411 has had an amazing election cycle already, and we haven’t even made it to the November General Election yet! 275 Leagues from 30 states are creating voters’ guides on the League-branded website this year and have served over 327,000 voters nation-wide! This makes 2019 the biggest non-presidential, non-congressional election cycle EVER for VOTE411, with an increase of nearly 100 Leagues participating and an 82% increase in voters looking for the information as compared to the last comparable election cycle (2017). And Leagues are still signing up! If you’d like to cover your local elections this year, please let us know and we’ll sign you up!

Leagues are also starting to look toward 2020 and getting ready for the next election cycle. So, for the first time ever, we’re taking sign-ups for the VOTE411 program right now! Join your colleagues and be a part of this growing program to inform voters and gain significant visibility for your League’s work! Participating Leagues have said about the program that “it is the most effective method of reaching large numbers of voters with information when they need it,” and “VOTE411 lets candidates speak for themselves.” If your League is interested in creating a voter guide, or if you have any questions, contact Megan Brown and she’ll walk you through the process!

New: Mapping Out a Get Out the Count Census Plan

A complete and accurate count of the decennial Census is critically important to the integrity of our democracy. We want to continue to provide Leagues with the tools and resources they need to ensure people in their communities are counted. Thanks to League leaders who attended the regional Get Out the Count Summits, we have been able to share additional materials to help Leagues in this effort. For a one-page guide on how to think through getting out the count, check out this new resource: Get Out the Count: Mapping Out a Plan.

NEW: Updated VOTE411 QR Code and Widget

LWVEF has released an updated QR code and widget for VOTE411! Both promotional items are free for Leagues to useplace the QR code on VOTE411 promotional items such as bookmarks or posters, and add the widget to your League websiteand can be found on the League Management Site. If you have any questions about VOTE411, please contact Megan Brown.

Updated: 2020 Legislative Priority Guidance

LWVUS has issued updated guidance to state and local Leagues recommending legislative priorities under the Making Democracy Work® Campaign. These recommendations allow for a strong unified "voice" at all levels of League across the country that aligns with the priorities of the People Powered Fair Maps Campaign. LWVUS wants to offer support to Leagues lobbying on these issues. Local Leagues should adopt these suggestions as they also make decisions about their priorities within their communities. A survey to assess the priorities of Leagues is now available! Questions about this memo can be addressed to Jessica Jones Capparell and Celina Stewart.

Upcoming Hearings on Voting Rights Around the Country

The House Judiciary and House Administration committees are hosting a series of hearings this fall to build the congressional record in advance of the hopeful passage of the Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR 4). Hearings are scheduled in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Memphis, TN, Phoenix, AZ, and Washington, DC. LWVUS will be connecting Leagues around the country with events happening around the hearings, but Leagues should work with partners in their states to get involved in planned activities. See the full schedule on the League Management Site.

Apply for the LWVUS Redistricting Workgroup!

If you have experience implementing redistricting reform in your state, WE NEED YOU. Whether you've worked on a ballot initiative, a constitutional or statutory redistricting commission, or anything else related to fair redistricting, apply to join a small workgroup that will leverage their expertise to create an updated toolkit that Leagues can use nationwide. To apply, complete this form. Decisions will be made by October 2019.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI Success Stories: LWV of Ohio

The LWV of Ohio has been working to engage the next generation of voters, equipping them with the necessary tools to resist gender bias and demonstrating the organization’s commitment to inter-generational diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Read more about their work and read more DEI Success Stories.

DEI Webinars

LWVUS is hosting a series of webinars on DEI in 2019.  

We will be using this series to take a deeper look at the topics we’ve been exploring for the past year and offer tools every member can use in their League work. We encourage Leagues to watch together and make time for discussion afterward. 

Join us tonight for a presentation and discussion on Inter-generational Equity. Register.

Upcoming Webinars:

October 30, 2019: Register
November 21, 2019: Register
December 19, 2019: Register

Recordings and resources from our previous webinars can be found on the League Management Site.

We want to hear from you!

Is your League embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in a new way? Do you have a special interest in this topic or expertise to share? The LWV DEI Committee, chaired by Dr. Deborah Turner, wants to hear from you. Share your questions, story or feedback by email to cdavis@lwv.org.

News of the Week

After weeks of pressure from LWV of Indiana and partner groups, Purdue University decided to waive the fee for student photo IDs, which many of the university's 40,000 students use to vote in Indiana. LWV of Greater Lafayette had even raised money and offered to oversee the funding of the new cards. Because of their efforts, Purdue students will have unimpeded access to valid IDs to vote in upcoming elections. Read the story.

Earlier this month, LWV of Connecticut received the Centennial Award from the Connecticut Suffrage Commission. Watch the video.

This month, LWV of Texas joined the North Carolina redistricting case that challenges the district maps in state court. Texas's maps were mentioned in relevant documents from a redistricting consultant in North Carolina, and LWVTX calls for the documents to be made public. Read the statement from LWVTX.


D.C. Statehood Finally Gets Its Day on Capitol Hill

Last week, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform held a hearing on H.R. 51, the Washington, D.C. Admission Act. This legislation would grant statehood to the residents of Washington D.C. Activists and organizers from D.C. showed up to support en masse. Read our blog about why this hearing is so important. And stay tuned for actions and other blogs about how to get involved in this effort.

Tell Congress to Act to Prevent Gun Violence

Congress is coming back to work in Washington, D.C., and it’s time for them to move legislation to end gun violence once and for all. Earlier this year, the U.S. House passed legislation requiring universal background checks on every firearm sale and transfer, appropriating funds for gun violence research, and closing loopholes in laws that allow stalkers to obtain guns. But that same legislation is dying in the U.S. Senate. Now is the time for us to act. Now is the time for us to make it clear to our members of Congress that saving lives from gun violence should be a priority.

Take Action to Secure Our Elections

Earlier this year, the U.S. House passed legislation that addresses election security, but the U.S. Senate has yet to act. Election security is about voter confidence and participation. The more confident voters are in our elections systems, the more confident they will feel that their vote has been counted and their voice heard. This directly impacts their participation, which is why it is so important for the U.S. Senate to step up and pass legislation that protects the votes of all Americans. Contact your Senators today and demand immediate action to secure our elections.


Webinar: Recruiting and Building Strong Boards

Join the chairs of the LWVUS Governance Committee and LWVUS Nominating Committee for a webinar on recruiting and building strong boards on Monday, October 7, at 7 pm ET. Register for this session that will look at the why and how of creating powerful boards. A recording of the session will be made available on the League Management Site. 

RESCHEDULED Technology & Communications Webinar: Google Analytics and Email Marketing Analytics

This webinar has been rescheduled from a previous date to Tuesday, October 8 at 4pm EST. Examining data from Google Analytics and your email marketing platforms can help you refine your content and extend your reach on the web and in email. This presentation will provide information on how web and email analytics are collected, what the various statistics actually mean, and how you can use this information to guide decisions. This presentation is intended for those who are new to digital strategy and marketing and will focus on the concepts and their application rather than instruction for how to use a specific tool or platform.

A recording of this webinar will be available on the Technology & Communications Webinar page following the presentation. Register for the webinar now.

Fundraising for Your League

Consider how your League’s next voter engagement activity can be a fundraising opportunity. The League is doing great work to prepare voters for the upcoming elections, and we’re collectively advocating for voting rights at every level of government. Make sure your League captures this great work and shares it with members, donors, supporters, and other community and state partners. Frame your next appeal letter to showcase the League’s impact. Learn more about how to craft an appeal letter and tell the League’s story by watching Fundraising Training Module #1 and Module #3. Reach out to ahjerstedt@lwv.org with your fundraising questions and success stories.

Join the 2020-22 LWVUS Board or Nominating Committee

Are you passionate about our mission to empower voters and defend democracy? Are you eager to help advance the League’s strategic goals and mission impact? Are you ready to leverage your skills and experience to create an even stronger organization? Applications are now available for the 2020-22 LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee. To learn more about these amazing leadership opportunities, please review the FAQ and job descriptions for LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee or contact the LWVUS Nominating Committee at nominatingcommittee@lwv.org. Consider submitting an application or recommending another leader!


Meet Our Programs and Outreach Director

Maggie Bush has been part of the LWVUS elections/Mission Impact team since 2010. Through her work to spearhead many of the national League’s pass-through grant programs and major partnerships related to voter registration and engagement, Maggie has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of local Leagues and thousands of League volunteers. Maggie is the author of our High School Voter Registration training manual and many other League publications and toolkits, and served as a founding leader of National Voter Registration Day.

Read more about Maggie on LWV.org.


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