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League of Women Voters
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August 15, 2019



As we ramp up for voter registration and elections this fall, we’re proud to announce yesterday's relaunch of our election information website, VOTE411.org! Informing voters has been our brand for nearly 100 years and, through VOTE411.org, we are reaching more voters where they are and providing the information they need.   

With the relaunch of the website, we have also created a new logo and new assets for Leagues to use when promoting their VOTE411 activities. Take a look at our VOTE411 Brand Standards, as well as our brand new Merchandise Portal, where Leagues can purchase VOTE411-branded materials for their election activities! 

Speaking of election season, National Voter Registration Day on September 24 is just a few short weeks away. Don’t forget to sign up your League for an NVRD activity so that we can continue to be the largest on-the-ground partner organization for this important holiday.  

I’m also pleased to announce the People Powered Fair Maps Campaign, a powerful collaboration between national, state, and local Leagues with the aim of positioning LWV as the premiere on-the-ground leading organization fighting for fair redistricting. This campaign will launch in the fall of 2019 and is expected to be a signature national campaign for the League through 2022.  

All League members are invited to join an online town hall outlining the People Powered Fair Maps Campaign at 6pm ET on September 4. A recording of the town hall will be made available for members who are unable to attend at this time. Sign up now for this important event

In League, 


Making Democracy Work Campaign

Sign up for National Voter Registration Day 2019

Time is running out to sign up for National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 24! Sign up your League now to help us meet the important goal of keeping LWV the single largest on-the-ground partner of this holiday! Simply host a registration event or publicize the importance of registration and voting in your community on 9/24. As a proud Premier Partner and founding organization for National Voter Registration Day, LWVEF is thrilled to once again join thousands of organizations, elected officials, celebrities, and other partners in this effort.

People Powered Fair Maps Campaign Tele-Town Hall

All League members are invited to join an online town hall outlining the People Powered Fair Maps Campaign at 6pm ET on September 4.  

This campaign is a powerful collaboration between national, state, and local Leagues with the goal of positioning LWV as the premiere on-the-ground leading organization fighting for fair redistricting. This campaign will launch in the fall of 2019 and is expected to be a signature national campaign for the League through 2022.

A recording of the town hall will be made available for members who are unable to attend at this time. Sign up now for this important event!

Webinar Announcement: LWVUS Policy and Advocacy Webinar, Redistricting 202

Join us for a next-level discussion on redistricting and gerrymandering across the country on August 27 at 3pm ET. This webinar is for League members interested in discussing redistricting and gerrymandering at a more advanced level. We'll talk about what happens after reform is passed, implementing redistricting processes, and other topics. Register for the webinar here.

LWVUS Urges Members of U.S. House to Cosponsor H. Res. 513 

This week, LWVUS sent a memo to members of the U.S. House asking for support of H. Res. 513, which reaffirms the importance of democracy and the freedoms that it brings. The LWVUS memo urges U.S. House members to cosponsor this legislation. This is similar to an effort the League is working on in the U.S. Senate where legislation calls for the establishment of September as National Democracy Month. Read the memo.

Lobby Corps to U.S. House About Restoration of the Voting Rights Act 

Members of the LWVUS Lobby Corps will soon visit U.S. House offices in Washington, D.C., regarding restoration of the Voting Rights Act. LWVUS seeks to find common ground with lawmakers as H.R. 4, the Voting Rights Advancement Act, moves forward in Committee this fall. Read our memo to lawmakers.

Reminder: Check Out LWVUS’s New Census Page and Updated Toolkit

Last month, LWV launched a new Census page on lwv.org as well as updates to the tools and resources in the Census Action Toolkit. We are in phase 1 of our Census plan (education), so check out these pages for tools to use as you plan activities. Those who attended the Census webinar should be aware that we added guidance in the toolkit around establishing Complete Count Committees! And keep checking these resource pages, as we are updating them regularly.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Viewpoint: Celebrating the Triumph, Acknowledging the Failure of the 19th Amendment

Judy Bradford, director of administration of LWV of the South Bend Area (Indiana), wrote a stirring op-ed about how her League is striving to acknowledge the flaws of the suffrage movement and celebrate the contributions of the black and brown women in it. As Judy writes, "Anniversaries are [...] a chance to set the record straight." Read her piece.

DEI Webinars

LWVUS is hosting a series of webinars on DEI in 2019.  

We will be using this series to take a deeper look at the topics we’ve been exploring for the past year and to offer tools every member can use in their League work. We encourage Leagues to watch together and make time for discussion afterward.

August 29: League History Through a DEI Lens, Presented by past LWVUS President Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins Register

September 26: Intergenerational Equity Register

Webinar dates for October through December will be announced soon. If there is a topic you think we should cover or other webinar feedback you’d like to offer, please share it with the DEI committee by contacting cdavis@lwv.org.

Recordings and resources from our previous webinars can be found on the League Management Site.

We want to hear from you!

Is your League embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in a new way? Do you have a special interest in this topic or expertise to share? The LWV DEI Committee, chaired by Dr. Deborah Turner, wants to hear from you. Share your questions, story or feedback by email to cdavis@lwv.org.

News of the Week

LWV of the City of New York rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange last week. Check out the video.

LWV of Texas president Grace Chimene contributed an op-ed about the voting rights case they joined in support of the wrongful imprisonment of Crystal Mason-Hobbs. Read the piece in Houston Chronicle.

Ahead of projected voting surges, Leagues in Illinois are mobilizing to recruit polling station judges needed to run elections in 2020. Read the story.


LWVUS Joins Solidarity Statement Following Mass Shootings in El Paso and Dayton

Following the horrific mass shootings in Texas and Ohio earlier this month, LWVUS joined key coalition partners to issue a collective statement condemning white supremacy and demanding real gun and weapons reform to combat hate. Read our full statement, and visit www.lwv.org/newsroom for all breaking news, including press releases.

LWVUS Joins Civil Rights Groups Urging Tech Companies to Make Meaningful Change in Online Violence

LWVUS joined more than 45 organizations across the civil rights, labor, faith, and technology fields in a statement to the White House ahead of its summit with technology companies on violent extremism. The statement urges the White House to ensure this summit is not used to divert attention away from the real actions these companies should take right now to reduce online activities that endanger communities of color, religious minorities, and other marginalized communities. Read the press release.

ERA Briefing Brings Together Senators and Activists 

The path forward for the Equal Rights Amendment has never been clearer. With just one more state needed to ratify the amendment, our country is closer than ever to ensuring that equal rights, regardless of sex or gender, is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Read our blog post about actions that are being taken in Congress to clear the path toward final ratification.

LWVUS Sends Letter of Support for H.R. 1923 to Congresswoman Barbara Lee

LWVUS sent Congresswoman Barbara Lee a formal letter supporting H.R. 1923, the Women’s History and Nineteenth Amendment Centennial Quarter Dollar Coin Program Act. LWVUS and members of the Lobby Corps have been working on a successful drive for cosponsors of this legislation throughout the summer months. A companion bill in the U.S. Senate was introduced early in August. The League is proud to support this legislation as we head toward the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment.

REMINDER: Recommended Concurrence from LWVUS Board for 2020-22 Program Planning

Following our usual timeline, additional guidance regarding program planning will come out this fall, along with the board’s recommended concurrence on the electoral process that was shared with state leaders earlier this year by a group of dedicated volunteers. The additional information and supporting materials about the recommended concurrence have been updated and can be found on the League Management Site. Questions regarding this concurrence should be directed to Barbara Klein at drbarbaraklein@120years.com and Paula Lee at paula.lee@comcast.net.


She Is Me Campaign

In case you missed it, the She Is Me campaign launched today! Check out our posts on Facebook and Twitter, and browse the hashtag #SheIsMeLWV. If your League would like to participate with us, you can re-share these posts on your own accounts, or check out the She Is Me toolkit that includes sample posts, graphics, and other resources. You can also check out the Facebook profile picture frame, available now by searching for She Is Me or League of Women Voters US. Remember to tag your posts #SheIsMeLWV. We're so excited to see all the activity throughout the year-long campaign!

New LWVUS Merchandise Portal! 

We are excited to announce the launch of the LWVUS Merch Portal, where Leagues can bulk order LWV-branded products created by the national office. It’s important to note that LWVUS will not be profiting from this Merch Portal, but we have created this site in order to provide brand consistent products for Leagues nationwide to easily order online. Leagues are not required to use these products and can continue to customize their own items using the official logos. Current inventory includes signs, stickers, buttons, and customizable business cards. Keep an eye out, as we will be adding more items in the coming months!

Apply to Join the 2020-22 LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee 

Are you ready for a new leadership opportunity? Applications are now being accepted for the 2020-22 LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee. To learn more about these amazing leadership opportunities, please review the FAQ and job descriptions for LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee or contact the LWVUS Nominating Committee at nominatingcommittee@lwv.org. Consider submitting an application or recommending another leader!

Board Best Practices

As a reminder, all League boards should review and affirm their nonpartisan policy annually. Boards should use this same opportunity to review, discuss, and update (as needed) their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policy. LWVUS’s nonpartisan policy and DEI policy are available online. These policies codify the values of our organization and should be understood and fully embraced by leaders throughout the organization. Questions?  Please contact membership@lwv.org

Fundraising Resources

Exciting plans and bold ideas are in the works for Leagues across the country. To help your Board and Development Committee get a strong start meeting programmatic goals, Fundraising Training Module #2 explains the board’s role in development. This online training module is available to all League members! Accompanying this module are easy-to-use, easy-to-adapt resources to get your new board and development committee started off on a strong fundraising foundation. For more fundraising training and resources, visit the Fundraising page on the League Management Site!

LWVUS/EF 2019-2020 Direct Marketing Schedule

When planning your League’s fundraising efforts, please consider the LWVUS/EF direct marketing schedule. The LWVUS Development Office is pleased to share its FY2020 LWVUS/EF direct mail, telemarketing, and email fundraising calendar. Download the schedule on the League Management Site. Please share this schedule with your Development chairs to assist with planning your League’s fundraising activities. Questions should be direct to Rose Simmons (rsimmons@lwv.org).

Evaluations & Outcomes: LWVUS Data Ambassadors

Participate in the LWVUS Data Ambassadors Program! The purpose of the program is to provide a space where state and local League leaders can play an active role in building the foundation for the evaluation & outcomes work within the organization. Our ability to tell our individual and collective league story directly supports increased engagement at the local and state levels and our ability to raise the needed resources to fund our mission today and into the future.

The criteria to participate in the Data Ambassadors Program includes experience developing or implementing programmatic efforts for your local or state League, a desire to help shape the evaluation & outcomes portfolio at the League, and a passion to tell the League’s story through data. If you are interested in participating as an Ambassador, email Amilcar Guzman, Director of Outcomes and Evaluation, at aguzman@lwv.org by September 6th.


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