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The League of Women Voters
The League Update
June 7, 2018


When LWV.org relaunched last fall, the national office was already underway preparing Phase 2 of the redesign—reviewing the hundreds of documents on Forum.LWV.org, and streamlining all LWV content on one website to reflect a better user experience for our members.

We are now excited to share that, on June 18, the forum site will be absorbed into LWV.org as we relaunch the League Management Site.

Once launched, when members visit LWV.org and click on the button to the League Management Site (in the footer of LWV.org) a new toolbar will appear at the top of the screen with options such as Manage Your League, Communications, Mission Impact Tools, and Governance. The League Management Site will be fully searchable and the national staff is committed to making sure the content is up to date with the most current tools and documents.

We look forward to rolling out the new League Management Site on later this month. If you have any questions, please direct them to communications@lwv.org.


Making Democracy Work Campaign

Newly Updated! High School Voter Registration Training Manual

Our comprehensive training manual, *just updated for 2018*, provides a step-by-step guide to help you develop winning high school voter registration programs and encourage young people to register and vote. The guide comes complete with field-tested tips and a range of planning, training, and outreach tools to help you succeed. Download the entire PDF, or click on the customizable appendices (uploaded as a Word File).

Convention Livestream on Redistricting

Not able to attend Convention but want to participate in our Thursday evening program, A Conversation on Redistricting with Nick Stephanopoulos and Ruth Greenwood? We will be live streaming this program so that all League members can participate in this timely and engaging discussion. This event is a great opportunity to host a viewing party for your fellow League members and others who are interested in this topic. Interested members should fill out this survey to receive more information from us on planning and hosting your party.

VOTE411 Mid-Year Update

With the help of hundreds of state and local Leagues across the country, VOTE411.org is on pace to have our best year ever! As of the beginning of June, Leagues have invited approximately 10,000 candidates in approximately 4,000 races to participate in our voters’ guides. We’re finding that voters are looking for the candidate information on VOTE411 in record numbers. Nearly 50% more voters have viewed the candidate info on VOTE411 this year than did in the same timeframe in 2016! This is unheard of as 2016 was the Presidential cycle and 2018 is midterms only. If this pace continues VOTE411 will have served the most voters ever this year – proving that voters want and expect us to provide them with the candidate information they need before going to the polls. There’s still time to sign up and join your colleagues in more than 33 states in creating your voters’ guide on VOTE411.org this year! If you’re interested in more information please contact Megan Brown at mbrown@lwv.org.

Convention 2018

The 53rd National Convention is June 28-July 1 in Chicago, IL. All available information on the convention can be found here. Please contact membership@lwv.org with any Convention related questions or concerns.


We are very excited to report that our current registration count is the highest in recent history and we are greatly looking forward to seeing so many of you join us in Chicago! This has presented some capacity issues with our meeting rooms at the venue that we have been working to resolve. We are working through requests as able and ask that anyone who hasn’t registered but is still interested in attending contact membership@lwv.org for more information.
Please note that we will be not be able to accept any onsite registrations or additional guest attendees at the banquet.

Experience Chicago and Support the LWV of Illinois

Visit Chicago’s celebrated architecture, both old and new. The LWV of Illinois has arranged discounted rates for League members and their friends for the famous Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise aboard Chicago's First Lady Cruises and the Foundation’s most popular walking tour: Historic Skyscrapers. More information can be found here.

LWV of Illinois is also hosting a fundraiser Comedy Night featuring The Second City Improv All-Stars on Friday, June 29 at 7:30pm in the Grand Ballroom at the Chicago Hilton. More information can be found here.

News of the Week

LWV Anchorage has sent a resolution to the State of Alaska asking it to adopt the mail-in ballot for the General Election.

LWVFL is "conveying an important message to Puerto Rican newcomers: Your vote matters."

The Supreme Court will soon decide if "Wisconsin’s system for drawing voter districts has been used, abused and distorted by partisan politicians seeking to preserve their own interests instead of ours."


Parker v. Reema Consulting Services, Inc.

Last week, the LWVUS signed onto the Parker v. Reema Consulting Services, Inc. amicus brief, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit challenging a gender-based hostile work environment, retaliatory termination, and discriminatory termination under Title VII. The trial court dismissed the complaint holding that a rumor was not actionable under Title VII. The LWVUS supports actions that bring laws into compliance with ERA, supports the goals of ERA and enforcement of laws that promote greater equality among the sexes.

This week at the Supreme Court: Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) released its decision for Masterpiece Cakeshop, a case dealing with a Coloradoan baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The SCOTUS decision reversed the lower court decisions and held that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission's violated the free exercise clause when assessing a cakeshop owner's reasons for declining to make a cake for a same sex couple's wedding celebration. The LWVUS submitted an amicus brief arguing that allowing the bakery to refuse service violates public accommodations laws. We issued a press release shortly after the decision went public, expressing disappointment that the court did not provide clarity around when the free exercise of religion rises to the level of discrimination, which could result in more litigation around this issue in the future.

Upcoming Supreme Court cases: Husted v. APRI; Gill v. Whitford; and Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky

The League is still waiting for decisions in several key voting rights cases to be announced. These cases include Husted v. APRI, which deals with the Ohio system to purge voters from the voter rolls. Gill v. Whitford, the case challenging Wisconsin’s state legislative redistricting maps on partisan grounds. And Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Manksy, which considers whether a state law that regulates speech inside of polling places in order to protect the integrity and fairness of the voting process is constitutional.


Updating your League page on LWV.org

The state and local League pages on LWV.org now connect directly to the member database, so roster managers can make updates, such as correcting League website links, or update the names and contacts of the League leaders. LWV.org will then update that information every 24 hours. Any questions on updating this information can be directed to rostersupport@lwv.org.

Transformation Roadmap

As we prepare for Convention, we are talking more about our organization-wide transformation. The goals of this process are to strengthen the organization at every level, position our brand as a current and future-looking organization, as well as increase the League’s visibility and mission impact.

This process has engaged League leaders at every level of the organization over the past year and a half and has resulted in our Transformation Roadmap. This document outlines key initiatives and activities that will position the League toward our above goals. You can download the full report or download an executive summary that covers the highlights of the report.

We welcome your feedback on the Transformation Roadmap and you can share your thoughts with us here as we all work to engage new and future activists throughout the League.

Facebook Requirements for Political Ads

Is your League using paid Facebook advertising to promote VOTE411 or other voter guides? We think that’s great! Effective June 2018, Facebook is requiring administrators running political or issue ads to complete the following authorization. You will want to start now because this process could take some time. Regular posts to your pages, groups, or events will not change and will not require authorization.

1. Page admins and ad account admins will need to submit their government-issued ID and provide a residential mailing address for verification at business.facebook.com/id.
2. Facebook will confirm each address by mailing a letter with a unique access code that only the admin's Facebook account can use.
3. Once authorized, advertisers will have to identify which ad account(s) will be used to run ads.

More details and FAQs about this can be found on Facebook’s website HERE.

LWV Clearinghouse

Even as the League year winds down the issues don't take a break and sharing what we know becomes more and more important as we try to keep up.

The LWV Clearinghouse is looking for studies on Criminal Justice, Immigration/Schools, and Equality to name a few current topics. Even if your study is not recent, your work is valuable. Don’t make your fellow League members reinvent the wheel. Check out the LWV Clearinghouse and download the submission form. The process is simple, but if even filling out a simple form is more than you can manage these days, don’t worry. Just email your study materials to clearinghouse@leagueofwomenvoters.org or point us to where they can be found online and we’ll take it from there. We want your materials on any topic. Positions and white papers are welcome as well.

Spread the word about your work on the LWV Clearinghouse. The more we all know the better.


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